Ah, fantastic to see you once more, sir. The same old? Kool-Assist Grain Alcohol Martini with a twisty straw. After all. And I see you’re sporting a brand new watch. The MQT Important Mirror. Fairly hanging.

I see the watch has a quartz ETA motion – a suitable motion by any customary – and a really elegant face and palms mixture. What’s that? It has a quickset date? After all, no watch over $200 would skimp on that easy complication. $251 you say? On a silver mesh band, also called a Milanese? A relative cut price, given its pedigree.

After all, sir. I’ve spoken with the chef and she or he’s making ready your Ritz crackers with Straightforward Cheese as we communicate. Do inform me extra about this watch. It appears to be one among your solely redeeming options.

What was that? No, I mentioned nothing beneath my breath. Do go on.

Made in Berne, Switzerland, you say, by a pair of watchmakers, Hanna and Tom Heer, who left their high-paying jobs to make watches? And their objective is to not create an attractive quartz piece that’s eminently wearable but fairly delicate? Laudable, sir, laudable. I particularly like the skinny 41mm case. It’s so gentle and ethereal! Not in contrast to your Supreme baseball cap.

No, after all sir, we nonetheless give away all of the mints you possibly can eat after the meal. Should you’d like I can tie that lobster bib round your neck. There we’re. Good and comfortable.

They usually make a marble model? Great! That hearkens again to the Tissot Rock Watches of yore. A delight, actually.

You’ve received a little bit of cheese in your beard. Let me get… oh. I’m sorry to say that my hand received into the way in which of your pendulous tongue. I’m very sorry, sir.

Nicely, it’s been fantastic chatting with you. I’ll go away you to your Rick and Morty comics. What’s that? Caviar in an ice cream cone? With sprinkles? After all. I’ll see what I can do. I do commend you, sir, all issues being equal, in your style in watches.


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